"Ever washed a cat? Driving the W547 is pretty much the same… only with more smoke" - motoring.com.au

One of the greatest packages to date, adding on to the already extraordinary W507 pack with a Walkinshaw performance spec cam shaft, hi-flow injectors and associated componentry which unlocks the full potential of the world renowned LSA engine. Walkinshaw engineers have perfected this pack to make it still tame for the daily drivers, but when you put your foot down you know you have the W557 pack.

The W557 pack contains the following: 

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake

  •  Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration

  •  LSA Solid Isolator Coupling

  • 1000cc Injectors

  •  WP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade

  •  WP Spec Camshaft

  •  Cam Sprocket

  •  Camshaft Bolt Set

  •  Crankshaft Bolt

  •  Valve Springs Beehive Style

  •  Head gaskets*

  •  Head bolts*

  •  OEM Lifters*

  •  Lifter Guides*

  •  W557 Rear Deck Lid Badge & Under Bonnet Plaque

  •  W Series Certificate of Authenticity

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty

Walkinshaw Performance W557 Performance Figures:

  • Power557kW @ 6200rpm

  • Torque930Nm @ 4000rpm