Window Tinting

Have your windows professionally tinted while your vehicle is in our workshop. We offer several different tints to suit your budget and tastes. Window Tint not only looks great, but also reduces glare.

In Western Australia we experience a huge array of climate changes, from the summer of over 40 degree c’ to our winters which thankfully reach the mid teens. Window film assists in keeping the heat out in summer and the heat in when you need it in winter.


The facts are that 85% of heat is transferred through your windows so installing film on them just makes sense.Other benefits to installing window tint are a 99% reduction of harmful UV rays which are a major cause of skin cancer, Glare – it’s like placing sunglasses on your vehicle, instantly cutting glare and making your daily drives much safer. We have a large range of the darkest legal films on the market, varying shades and heat rejections will give to the choice to make your ride look cool or be the coolest ride around.