W507 Performance

The outstanding new Gen-F HSV GTS is argueably the best muscle car ever produced in Australia. We have created a package that offers owners of these vehicles something a little more uniqueIn 2013 Walkinshaw Performance Products, following the launch of Australia’s most powerful road car ever built the HSV GTS, began to scope out a suitable package to compliment this magnificently engineered vehicle.

The journey began in the engineering division with an attempt to fit existing WP Products to the vehicle and it very quickly became evident that this was never going to be an option

The complexity of the design and setup of the LSA powered HSV required a complete rethink from the WPP team.
“There are critical components such as the main wiring loom that without the right clearances in the header area they can be affected overtime by the high heat generated – in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius” lead engineer Andy Richardson noted. Extensive product development began in earnest. There were numerous iterations of exhaust, header and cat setup as well as a completely revised cold air intake. The pulley upgrade is entirely unique to WPP with the final version selected after comprehensive engine dyno testing.

The ECU calibration completes the package with the testing and fine tuning conducted in a secret locations throughout Victoria. The final testing was conducted in Shepparton Victoria with 20 Gen F GTS owners experiencing the upgrade for the very first time. “When we set out to do this project we wanted to achieve an upgrade that delivers maximum excitement and great driveability” Richardson said. “The feedback from these GTS owners was invaluable for us but most importantly confirmed we exceeded their expectations with what we have produced.”

The final outcome is a package that is completely designed, engineered, and developed by the team at Walkinshaw. “The torque is very linear and delivers on our goal of great driveability. Feedback from the owners centred on the refinement of the package, and a lack of harshness which some had come to expect” added Richardson.

General Manager Tony Harris stated that whilst there were many highlights in the history of Walkinshaw Performance Products “this is the best engineered package we have ever produced. It feels incredibly powerful, even more than the 507kW indicated, and that is due to how each component in the package has been designed to complement each other.” “As with everything we do the key objective is to engineer a package that exceeds our customer expectations without compromising the vehicle driveability,” Harris said. “Every single component that makes up this package is unique in its design and the pulley is actually manufactured in the Walkinshaw Racing production facility.”

The Walkinshaw Performance W507 LSA upgrade comprises of the following unique to GTS components:

*Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake
*Walkinshaw Performance 4-into-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Headers (Ceramic Coated)
*Walkinshaw Performance High Flow Catalytic Converters
*Walkinshaw Performance Unique Tapered Stainless Cat Back Exhaust (featuring added growl!)
*Walkinshaw Performance Supercharger Pulley Upgrade
*Walkinshaw Performance ECU Recalibration developed through thousands of hours of engine and chassis dyno testing & thousands of kilometres of on-road testing.
*Walkinshaw Performance Certificate of Authenticity
*Walkinshaw Performance Driveline Warranty on Eligible vehicles for the duration of the manufacturers standard new vehicle warranty
*Walkinshaw Performance & W507 Decklid Badging
*Walkinshaw Performance W507 Engine Bay Applique
*Installation by one of our trained WP technicians to ensure peace of mind with your investment.

Walkinshaw Performance W507 Performance Figures:


  • Power: 507Kw@ 6200rpm

  • Torque: 850Nm@4400rpm

Our W507 customers are all united on one thing – “I should have done it sooner”

W557 Performance


One of the greatest packages to date, adding on to the already extraordinary W507 pack with a Walkinshaw performance spec cam shaft, hi-flow injectors and associated componentry which unlocks the full potential of the world renowned LSA engine. Walkinshaw engineers have perfected this pack to make it still tame for the daily drivers, but when you put your foot down you know you have the W557 pack.

The W557 pack contains the following: 

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake

  •  Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration

  •  LSA Solid Isolator Coupling

  • 1000cc Injectors

  •  WP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade

  •  WP Spec Camshaft

  •  Cam Sprocket

  •  Camshaft Bolt Set

  •  Crankshaft Bolt

  •  Valve Springs Beehive Style

  •  Head gaskets*

  •  Head bolts*

  •  OEM Lifters*

  •  Lifter Guides*

  •  W557 Rear Deck Lid Badge & Under Bonnet Plaque

  •  W Series Certificate of Authenticity

  •  Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty

Walkinshaw Performance W557 Performance Figures:

  • Power557kW @ 6200rpm

  • Torque930Nm @ 4000rpm