Camshaft upgrade

After exhaustive testing, this Walkinshaw Performance Camshaft upgrade package has been selected for the best power and torque gains without taking away from the driveability of your car.

The Camshaft upgrade starts with our trained technician fitting a new high performance camshaft and valve spring package that has been carefully selected by one of our sales team to match your driving and vehicle requirements. After all the components are fitted we carry out an ECU recalibration to match the camshaft chosen. Next, we complete the upgrade process by testing your vehicle on the road to make final adjustments, optimizing you vehicles performance and driveability. This is all completed in approximately 3 days.

Please note: that L76 and L77 powered vehicles or any model with displacement on demand technology (AFM) requires the heads to be removed and the lifters to be replaced when fitting a performance camshaft which will result in the AFM being disabled.

The Walkinshaw Performance Camshaft Upgrade Includes:

  • WP Camshaft (Stage 1 or 2)

  • WP 3 Bolt Timing Chain Sprocket

  • WP Matched Valve Springs, Retainers & Locks

  • GM Genuine Coolant Replacement

  • Full ECU Recalibration

  • Installation by a trained WP technician to ensure peace of mind with your investment.

The Displacement-on-demand removal kit includes:

  • L98 Valley Plate & Gasket

  • New Set of Lifters (Non AFM)

  • New Cylinder Head Bolts

  • OEM Head Gaskets